Our story

We met at BYU (boring huh, but it gets better) - we lived in the same apartment complex and were in the same FHE group; but the love started flowing during our Accounting study sessions during the fall semester. Devin thought he was a great teacher because Lynette kept telling him that she understood everything and that they should just go get some food. Well, when grades came out, it became clear that Lynette got an A in flirting, but not in Accounting. Being away from each other over Christmas Devin and Lynette realized they really liked each other and began dating when they returned from break. The only problem was that Lynette broke up with Devin about 1- 2x a week because a) Devin was too short and b) she was afraid of falling in love. Devin took it all in stride and just waited for Lynette to call him back, which she usually did within an hour of breaking up with him. After dating throughout the winter semester, we were totally in love and decided to get married, which we did in August of 2002.

While in school, we liked going to BYU football and basketball games, snow skiing and Moab! We also loved having other brothers and sisters out at school with us to hang out with.

The Boston Years

Boston was a great place for us to live as a young couple. The ward treated us like rock stars since we were the only young childless couple around (the first 2 months, we ate Sunday dinner at a different member’s home every week), and family members wanted to visit because Boston was such a great place to visit. We made great friends in the area that we considered to be not only friends, but personal, spiritual and career mentors that we still keep in touch with.

Boston skyline from Charles River

We became addicted to Maine Lobster!

Visited historic sites with family

Toured the beautiful fall foliage with family

Golfing for last day of work with good friends from the firm

After a year of work, Devin began applying to Graduate Business Schools and was accepted to the University of Michigan. So after 2 years in Boston, we moved to Ann Arbor, MI, where it was just as cold but not near as cool a place to live as Boston.

Graduate School in Michigan

They quickly adjusted to the ease of school life as compared to work, perhaps too adjusted. Sports, vacations and relaxing became the mantra; but somehow Devin still managed to obtain an excellent internship, graduate with High Distinction and receive a job with a great company in Dallas. Devin’s favorite part of school was interacting with the students from all over the world, especially making great friends with several Chinese, Indian, South Korean and native Michaganders. Lynette made many great friends in Ann Arbor with the wives of the other graduate students in our ward, loved working in the nursery and also enjoyed working for a local tile shop company. She was extremely supportive of Devin during school and even survived the brutal weather of Michigan with a smile at times. After renting small apartments in cold weather for the first 6 years of marriage, Lynette was really looking forward to Dallas where it is warm and owning a home that she can decorate and show off her amazing design talent!

Our Families

Lynette's family. She has two older brothers. Mark and Justin. Mark has cerebral palsy and still lives at home. Justin is Married to Kandice and they have a little boy Vince(1)and another baby on the way in April.

Devin's family. Devin is one of ll children Valerie is the oldest girl. Next comes Ryan and his wife Danielle they have 3 children Josh(12),Mike(10),and Chelsea(9). Then his Brother Darrin is married to Becky and they also have 3 children Chandler (8) Bradley(5)and Breitton (3)Brandon and Michael Anne have Stella(4)and Lucas(3) Dallin who just Got married to Shannon. Lorin and Brenda who have baby Ashton. Next comes Marissa and Steve they now have baby Ava she was pregnant in this picture. Logan is in College. Janelle who since this picture has gotten married to Bryan. And Alisha is the youngest girl who is a sophomore in College. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Devin and I Summer of 2009

April 2009 - We Are approved! Devin and I are so excited! I can't believe how quickly it has gone and yet how long we seem to have. I think the hardest part now is the waiting time. You are so busy filling out papers and all the important information about your life and your ideas, your home study and then once all of that is done you feel like "ok, now what?" I have heard so many stories and have had friends who have had very few days notice that they will be parents and so I am trying to get ready... So in the words of my good friend I am a "prego adoptive mother" since when adopting you never know when your baby will find you:) We have been reading up and learning everything we can so that we will be ready if we happen to be one of those couples who have 3 days notice! We have purchased a stroller and car seat combo, and have picked out a crib and of course some cute clothes and accessories for their room. The little baby girl things are so much fun! I love this baby bling binky! I've got such a cute binky for my baby girl when she decides to come to our home! Devin of course has all the sports equipment and toys picked out that any little boy would love. Thank you to all of you who are saying prayers for us, we appreciate all the love and can't wait to have a baby in our home!

The Texas Years

Below are an assortment our favorite blog postings from the Texas years (October 2008 to current)